Road Freight


Prime Logistics possesses a fleet of trucks specialising in refrigerated transport.

Cold chain deliveries is an area that requires absolute focus and we understand the needs of our customers to ensure all transportation and distribution are completed in the best conditions and within the agreed deadlines.

We tailor solutions to suit every specific need and treat each refrigerated freight requirement as a unique opportunity. Our experience and professionalism shines through our consultation and formulation of the very best logistics and cost options.

Whether it’s perishables, drinks or pharmaceuticals, consistency is the key to supplying refrigerated goods of the highest quality, hence our processes focus on protecting your product, ensuring your temperature & humidity sensitive goods arrive in ‘as sent’ condition.

The systems behind our people, fleet and warehouses make Primefuels one of the reliable and most efficient refrigerated logistics companies in East Africa. Our operations teams are extensively trained and offer destination-specific knowledge and support for cargoes requiring specialist equipment.